Friday 3 May 2024

Frustrated gardener

I'm spending too much time inside looking out at the garden, champing at the bit to be planting seedlings that are getting spindlier by the day. It is cold and damp at best, solid rain in between. The views from the window are tempting because so much is coming to life and the space around us alters with each day. We are surrounded by trees, the area was once mixed woodland. As the deciduous trees come into leaf the garden becomes shadier and neighbouring rooftops disappear from view.
The garden shed is visible through one of the kitchen windows. We painted it dark so that it would sit in the background without attracting attention.
The fresh maple leaves are hanging low, laden with moisture, and I have to duck and dip if I don't want to get a soaking. The bird song is wonderful and I have a wren busy in the garden flitting back and forth between the leaves of one of the tropical plants, hopefully feeding it's young. It is a lovely time of year.


  1. Just put your waterproofs on and do it.

    1. I would be fine but it isn't fit for the seedlings until things improve. (Tough North Yorkshire lass, nowt wrong wi a bit a rain!)

  2. Your garden is looking good with all the rain.

  3. Yes, it is romping away! There were a lot of dead plants in the garden when we moved in, the result of a long spell of draught, overcrowding and lack of light from mature trees overhead. We've been clearing and feeding ever since and it is starting to make a difference.