Thursday 25 March 2021

British Summer Time

 It has been a long, hard winter without contact with family and friends. I've always got plenty to fill my days and have a husband who still, after well over half a century, continues to make me laugh, but even so so it has felt rather bleak at times. But this coming weekend is the start of British Summer Time, how cheering! The garden has suddenly burst into action, it is the time of year when everything promises.

I've been clearing the vegetable patch ready for planting, moving the forget-me-not flowers that always seed themselves freely all over the place. They are easy to lift and plant as edging to give a mist of blue in the coming months.

Stakes in place for the climbing French beans.

The artichoke plants have taken a hit from all the cold and rain and it is too soon to know if they will survive. While it is easy enough to clear the ground in the open beds it is another matter to remove the weeds that grow around the fruit bushes. Primroses have seeded themselves very freely here as well and look so pretty that I'm loathe to disturb them.

They get everywhere, tucked in here in a row of chives!

It is a pleasure to wander into the garden and pick some of my favourite flowers.

Even a little bit of sunshine at the end of the day!