Friday 25 October 2019

Mixed weather

This week the weather has altered daily, wind and rain was followed by a still day of heavy mist that hung in the trees reducing visibility to no further than the orchard. Then, yesterday, some sunshine, transforming everything. What a pleasure.

Most of the summer crops are over now, just a few courgettes and mangetout to gather.
The climbing French beans have set seed and I've left them hanging on the canes to dry. 
(Ever the optimist, but if the weather continues to be erratic I'll harvest them and spread them out in the house to dry.)
Himself got out the ladder to pick the last of the pears.

This orchid has been flowering for MONTHS!
Rain and strong winds again today.

Tuesday 8 October 2019


Woke to a very promising sky this morning, a change from the recent battering wind and rain. The garden is now looking rather weary.
All the water butts are full to overflowing.

This year's crop of figs have now been eaten, but, hurrah, a new crop has set. (Gardeners are always looking forward!)
The greenhouse is crammed with plants to overwinter.
There's no room left to sit down.
Flowers from the garden are very bedraggled.
As am I!