Friday 16 November 2018

Birds' eye view

Our neighbours are having their roof retiled. Its quite a job. Substantial scaffolding has been erected all around the house. The roofers say the tiles are old and probably date from when the building was built as a barn in the mid eighteen hundreds. They are pantiles, the same as on our old gamekeeper's store. They are all being thrown away and replaced by new tiles that give a snug fit. The tiles on our roof are double roman and I'm hoping they will see us out!
I took the opportunity to climb up for a birds' eye view over our garden. The solar roof panels are ugly things and I'm slightly ashamed that our neighbours have to look straight at them. On the other hand, with the panels and air source heat pump,  at least we are doing our bit to try to counter global warming.

There's a good view down the length of the fruit cage.
I've removed the roof netting for the winter. 
And our septic tank can be seen in the neighbours' orchard.
(Oh, how edifying!)
But then there's the pleasure of seeing the woods and hills that surround the village.

Saturday 10 November 2018


There's lots to be done in the garden, leaves to clear, shrubs to move, lawn to patch, some bulbs still to plant and the roof net to remove from the fruit cage. (No, I didn't mean fruit cake, Google.) I looked out of the window this morning. Okay, so I would be doing none of the above today.
It's soggy wet outside and I'm below par with a code in de nose.
The garden is full of cheerful berries, but experience tells me that the blackbirds will have eaten the lot by the time I want to pick some for my Christmas decorations.
I'm not complaining about this weather, it has it's own beauty and the leaf colour is  a joy. I live in a benign country weather-wise. My heart goes out to all those people fleeing from fires and battling floods. Keep safe, wherever you are.