Wednesday 26 July 2023

It's raining.

Oh, how it's raining! Why should I be surprised, after all the schools have broken up for the holidays! Looking on the bright side, another magnolia flower has bloomed.

Thursday 20 July 2023

Sweeping up!

You may think that because we now have a very much smaller garden than formerly there is little to do. It's not the case. We are involved in a lot of sweeping up as bits fall from the trees above us. I'm like the Greek ladies that I've often seen while on holiday, brush in hand clearing up the fallen debris. How to properly clean the verandah? I wish we knew! Himself has been up the ladder with a broom strapped to a length of bamboo doing the best he can. If anyone knows of a good product/system do let me know.
Every day there are fresh sweet pea flowers to pick and bring into the house. This mixed selection isn't as perfumed as I would like. Next year I shall look for seed that specifies a strong scent.
I've been swimming today and the sea is warming up nicely but it is hardly good summer weather. It is good to return home and sit in the warmth of the conservatory!
I hope that summer is proving good for you, not too hot, not too cold.

Saturday 1 July 2023


Anonymous greenery is starting to show it's colours. I looked skywards (come on rain, where are you!) and saw an enormous magnolia flower. Difficult to photograph. I hung out of the bedroom window but with no greater success. Never mind, I've spotted a couple of buds further down that I should be able to enjoy without difficulty.
Clematis tendrils weave through the planting.
I can see that the former owners liked strong reds and purples. This day lily has just come into flower and is a lovely splash of colour.
Himself has been busy restoring a rusty garden seat.
I'm missing the home grown fruit and veg that I've known for many years and my much-loved roses. But this little cutting of Raubritter has settled in well, and so, all things considered, have I.