Friday 26 September 2014

Friday Skywatch

Such a lovely spell of weather. We wake most mornings to the promise of a fine day ahead.
Out into the garden to pick a few autumn raspberries for breakfast
and some fresh flowers for the house.

The citrus trees have all been crammed back into the greenhouse
and there isn't much room to move!
The tomato seeds that I got from the seed swap  have cropped well.
I put them in the garage greenhouse and, due to neglect, they escaped up towards the roof.
They are the size of marbles! I looked at the seed packet. Ah, that explains it, the are called, 'Currant Goldrush.' The sow by date says 2012 but tomato seed seems to be viable for a long time. One packet of my favourite tomato, Mr Fothergill's 'Red Cherry' keeps me going for several years, and always with a number of additional seedlings to pass on to neighbours.
It's not especially tasty but 'Goldrush' does look pretty, hanging like a row of beads
or scattered in a tart. We are eating well out of the garden. (Courgettes with everything!)
Apple pies
with custard!
The evening skies are just as lovely as the sunrise. Blurry photos taken from the car as we travel to a friend's house.

A house-warming party was in progress next door and we were invited to join. Doors had been flung open
and everyone was outside enjoying the sunset over the Bristol Channel.
Joining up with Friday Skywatch to see some beautiful skies from all around the world.

Monday 22 September 2014

The colour pink for Visible Monday.

We are waking each morning to mists and heavy dew
with the sun trying to break through, promising a lovely day to come.
Today a slight breeze from the west meant that we were able to light the bonfire
and reduce a sizeable amount of debris to a very small heap of ash.
There is still a good amount of colour in the garden - most of it is pink.

For all that the days are gentle it is definitely autumn now and frosty nights are promised for later in the week.  We are still picking beans - but the end is nigh!
At least the chimney pot is now straight and firmly fixed on the roof (with it's new little hat) so that when the cold weather arrives we shall be ready.

I shall have to start hauling things into the greenhouse.

I like to wear the colour pink and seem to have gathered quite a collection of pink blouses. (Second only to a great many white ones. But who can resist a crisp white blouse? Not me, anyway.) This outfit is old, bought sometime way back in the  20th century. The blouse is linen from CPShades and is the murky pink that I like. I think that the firm has stopped trading now. The old crops are from Gap, from an era when things were baggy! Just the job for messing about in the garden.
The necklace was a present from Peru (from someone who knows my weakness for pink stones!) It has recently been restrung. I  think the pieces have been re-assembled differently.
For Patti's Not Dead Yet Style on Visible Monday.
And guess what, Paula, 
my hair is now long enough to get pinned up,
sort of!