Wednesday 17 September 2014

Lunch at The Pig

A friend has been to stay for a few days and yesterday we went for lunch to The Pig near Bath. First of all we had a good wander around the walled vegetable garden to see what we might be on the menu. It's a delight! I remember when this space was just a sadly neglected, weed-infested patch of ground. What a transformation the new owners have brought about.
Now there are tidy paths, neatly edged,
a huge variety of planting,
carefully labelled. (I don't know where these onions had walked from or were planning to walk to but they were all neatly lined up in bed when we saw them!)

The beautifully restored greenhouses
are brimming with growth.
Phew, hot or what!
A good choice of tomatoes in the polytunnel
underplanted with basil.
Okay. Now, what's on the menu?
all with vegetables, herbs and flowers and fruit from the garden. Looking delicious, tasting delicious. 
I choose chocolate and courgette cake with a wild thyme ice-cream.
Then we sat outside in the sunshine to drink our coffee and enjoy the view.
What's not to like!


  1. Oh, I grow Egyptian walking onion! But not as tidy as that. I just let them ramble (like everything else!).


  2. I am experiencing severe garden envy! I have so neglected my gardens this year.

    1. What we both need, Bonnie, is the team of gardeners that are employed at The Pig!

  3. I will have to go and have a snack, all that food made me hungary.

    1. Sorry about that, Merle, didn't mean to send you scurrying to the kitchen! (Hope you arranged your snack nicely and added a flower!)