Thursday 31 March 2022

British Summer Time. Brrr


We've had some beautiful weather lately. Unfortunately I missed it, succumbing, after two years of being VERY careful, to Covid. Horrid. No fun for a gardener to be stuck in bed when the sun is shining! Now I'm on the mend and the temperature outside is positively arctic, it's not even comfortable to be pottering in the greenhouse. I've just been in there to take a look at my emerging seedlings Something is eating the  corn shoots. Curses.

It's crammed with stuff in the greenhouse. I'm waiting for the auriculas to flower and have potted on a good number of plants from the delphinium seed that I sowed last autumn. No space to do anything else until I'm able to put some things outside. I've got trays of beans, peas and mangetout all waiting for warmer weather.

The garden is full of colour now.

I've brought some of the wind blown daffodils into the house.





Tuesday 8 March 2022

Sunday stroll

 Although the temperature was 3 degrees and there was a fierce wind, the promise of some sunshine on Sunday was enough to tempt us out for a walk on the beach.  Lots of other people had the same idea.

The sand was blowing and we bowled along happily with the wind behind us.

The noise of the surf was loud. I was glad to be well wrapped up.

We were walking on the Sandbanks stretch of Bournemouth where  it is interesting to gaup at the ostentatious houses overlooking the sea, built for millionaires. (Some Russians, maybe? Their places might be up for sale soon!) In between the big, showy structures just a few of the old houses, like this one, remain. They are far more appealing to me. I hope that they will never be pulled down and replaced by another monstrosity. The old houses are a reminder of how Bournemouth used to be.

It was lovely to feel the sun on our faces. I feel very starved of sunshine at this time of year .

The family were about to turn around and head back into the wind.

Just a bit longer to soak up the sun, said Himself.

Tuesday 1 March 2022

Half trerm

 Half term was cold. We took the bike to the beach where it is usually possible to ride unhindered for miles. But the storms had tossed the sand up onto the road making progress impossible. 

 A hole in the sand provided alternative interest for quite a while. But I, for one, was pleased to get back to the warmth of the kitchen for  some painting, cutting out, sticking, rolling and baking. Phew! 

The newly bought  dinosaur biscuit cutters were a great success.