Tuesday 1 March 2022

Half trerm

 Half term was cold. We took the bike to the beach where it is usually possible to ride unhindered for miles. But the storms had tossed the sand up onto the road making progress impossible. 

 A hole in the sand provided alternative interest for quite a while. But I, for one, was pleased to get back to the warmth of the kitchen for  some painting, cutting out, sticking, rolling and baking. Phew! 

The newly bought  dinosaur biscuit cutters were a great success.


  1. Those dinos are pretty cool! I'm amazed the slim necks and tails didn't all break off; I usually am less successful with such detailed cookies or biscuits.

    1. Yes, I thought we would have problems with those skinny necks and tails but the trickiest cutter turned out to be that of the Stegosaurus because the biscuit dough wouldn't come away from his stubby little legs!

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