Wednesday 31 December 2014

Last walk of 2014

There is no frost today and the seagulls were standing on what remained of the ice on the lake as we set off for our final walk of this year. (I don't count the teetering across the road in high heels that I'll be doing this evening!)
In the woods the pathway had been churned up by vehicles and it was muddy underfoot.
Sometimes the tracks left on the ground are fascinating, prints of passing wildlife,  deer and birds. Nothing to see today, just a mess of mud and ice.
We found the vehicles by the small pond
where a couple of young men were doing yet more clearing. This used to be a lovely place to halt when it was a hidden and secluded spot.
But not any more, trees were down
and all the debris scattered on the water.
Woodland certainly needs managing and young trees have been planted to replace those taken down but for now the pond area looks very forlorn. I doubt that the kingfisher that I've seen there before the tidy-up started will want to return in a hurry.
I've enjoyed your company throughout the year, dear bloggers and

Tuesday 30 December 2014

Around the lake

From our garden gate it's a twenty minute walk around the lake, just long enough to give us a blast of fresh air without eating in to the day. It does little for our waistlines however, still bulging from a surfeit of rich food. Tomorrow night we shall be bringing in the New Year at our neighbours' home and Elaine is the most fabulous hostess and cook. Perhaps our last walk of 2014 needs to be a long one!
Nearly all the fishing stands were empty, perhaps because the ground was still partially frozen and ice starting to form on the surface of the water. Either that or the fishermen had all gone looking for bargains in the sales!

But I know where I would sooner be.

Monday 29 December 2014

Winter walk

We woke to sunshine and a crisp covering of frost, the perfect combination for a winter walk. It was cold  on the path through the lower part of the woods where the sun could not reach but easy walking as the ground was hard underfoot, no slithering about in mud.

All the horses had their coats on
and Himself struggled with the complexities of the camera on his new phone.

On a day like this it's great to be alive!

Saturday 27 December 2014


We've opened our presents.
And now everyone is totally Christmassed!
Some long walks, a sensible eating plan for the next few days
and then we'll be ready to bring in the New Year! 

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Happy Christmas!

Every year we haul the same old fir tree from the garden and try to compensate for a thin supply of pine needles with a whole load of Christmas decorations. The fairy is in position
and all the little objects that have been used for many years are back on display.

In the morning before the family arrived I made some Julpepparkakor biscuits. It's an easy recipe, the dough behaves well, easy enough for a child to handle and the spicy little biscuits are good to munch with a glass of mulled wine.

Boil together 3oz light brown sugar
                      2oz treacle
                      1fl oz water
Add               2oz margarine to melt then cool.
Mix               8oz plain flour
                     teaspoon each of cinnamon, ginger and bicarb of soda.
Work dough until smooth.
Roll very thinly and back for 5 - 8 minutes at gas 3-4. 
Makes about 100 biscuits
"CAT biscuits!" dear departed Maisie would have said. "What's this household coming to!"
They taste good!
We are not going to starve, the doorbell kept ringing with deliveries, first of all a parcel from Booths. Oh, goody!
Then the first batch of family arrived home with a hamper from Betty's. By 'eck, summat more from 'op north!
What's inside? Ah, health food,  - I think not! We are going to become as fat as pigs!

Family, friends and feasting, what could be nicer. I wish you all, dear Bloggers, a very Happy Christmas holiday and a healthy and creative year to come.

Monday 15 December 2014

Visible Monday

A necklace of some description is always my favourite accessary. This one, a cast of Ariadne, made by Himself, is light and easy to wear. The weather is cold, so I'm layering a a comfortable pin-striped linen dress from Toast over a cotton t-shirt.
The dress has generous pockets, which I always appreciate - but, my, how that linen creases! Cropped grey leggings underneath and now that I'm tucked in for the evening I've swapped my footwear for some grey suede ballet flats.