Tuesday 30 December 2014

Around the lake

From our garden gate it's a twenty minute walk around the lake, just long enough to give us a blast of fresh air without eating in to the day. It does little for our waistlines however, still bulging from a surfeit of rich food. Tomorrow night we shall be bringing in the New Year at our neighbours' home and Elaine is the most fabulous hostess and cook. Perhaps our last walk of 2014 needs to be a long one!
Nearly all the fishing stands were empty, perhaps because the ground was still partially frozen and ice starting to form on the surface of the water. Either that or the fishermen had all gone looking for bargains in the sales!

But I know where I would sooner be.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful beautiful.
    A 20 minute walk everyday has to be good for you !

    Happy New Year !
    cheers, parsnip

  2. The lake looks idyllic and any exercise is better than none. Best wishes to you for 2015.

  3. With scenery like that, a long walk is easy.

    Next week we diet, now have a Happy New Year and enjoy.