Thursday 31 July 2014


It's lovely in this weather to walk around the garden in the early morning while the shadows are long and everything is quiet.

The lawn is starting to suffer from such a long drought. But look how the yew has grown - I'll make a decent topiary shape of it yet!

I see why garden photographers like to take their photos at the beginning or the end of a day, the contrasting light is so dramatic.
We had to go to Wells and I took my camera. I've photographed there before but I seem to recall it was a dull, damp day. Yesterday the city (although small, Wells is a city because it has a cathedral) was crowded with holiday makers. The shops have changed over the years, now they cater more for the tourist trade and eating places have replaced antique shops, fabric and book shops, all places that I used to enjoy.
They take their floral displays seriously in Wells,

a lovely balcony at the Swan Hotel, 
which has a fine view of the cathedral from the front door.
It was early in the day and the cathedral west front was still in shadow. It is a fantastic example of medieval sculpture.
On our recent holiday in Croatia I photographed buildings and examples of stone carving. There are many equally pleasing things here in Wells, so close to where we live.

This is my favourite street.
It has direct access to the cathedral up steps under this archway. The houses were built as accommodation for the Vicars' Choral so there will have been a great deal of popping back and forth.
With their tall chimneys they are rather charming,
sort of the same 
but different!

There is always a pleasing atmosphere in Wells, rain or shine.

Monday 28 July 2014


The wonderful weather continues and I'm slobbing about the garden in comfortable old cotton clothes for Patti's  Not Dead Yet Monday. The top and skirt are old, bought for just a few pounds years ago. 
The top has lost it's shape and is skewed to one side and the skirt is baggy to put it mildly - perhaps that's why these clothes feel so comfy!
The cowhide belt is a hand-me-down from a daughter and the beaded sandals are old favourites from Duo. (I'm sitting in the rowing boat seat - the only boat I'll be in for a the foreseeable future!)
There is plenty of summer colour in the garden
and a good choice of flowers to pick for the house.

On Saturday evening friends came to supper, a good opportunity to use some garden produce. I made zucchini ripieni  
and a curried potato salad with the Charlotte potatoes.
We got out the deck chairs,
and set tables on the lawn. It was our book group meeting to talk about Ian McEwan's 'Sweet Tooth', so, of course, there had to be puddings! As with the critics, the book divided opinion but provided a lively discussion. We sat outside well into the night with just a few lanterns on the tables to cast a bit of light. If only we could have summers like this every year!
Vanilla says, phew, it's hot. 
Well I suppose it is if you're wearing a fur coat!

Friday 25 July 2014

Glorious weather

After a week in Croatia ('All at sea' on my Miss Cellany blog) we have returned home to equally glorious weather and any number of things to do in the garden.
Gooseberries to pick and to top and tail.
Spuds to harvest - a job for a Murphy!

The dead cherry tree is down,
  the wood cut and split to store and dry.
The various citrus trees are loving this weather.

The 'Meyer' remains the best cropper.
After my gloomy predictions about the pear trees one of them seems to have hung on to a reasonable amount of fruit.
And the cucumbers are rioting in the greenhouse!

My neighbour had quite a task to keep the pots watered while we were away.

( But it will be my turn to water her HUNDREDS of pots when they go on holiday next month!)
It is especially nice to be in the garden at the end of the day. The temperature is comfortable and the light very beautiful.

The stipa grass catches the light and moves gently in the lightest breeze.
I've cut back many of the early summer flowers

but other plants are just coming into their own.

Only the lawn is feeling a bit parched and dry and fed up with all this sunshine!