Sunday 28 November 2021


it is just too good to be inside. Today we put on our warmest clothes and went for a walk on the beach.We scrambled down through the dunes and had the beach almost to ourselves.

 Time for a bit of exploring with Grandad, looking for stuff. (A big chunk of ambergris, known as floating gold, was recently found near here.) No luck today. Instead a bit of acrobatics. "Look at me, Grandad!"

The sun was out but it was cold!

Wednesday 17 November 2021

In Bath

I can't remember when I was last in Bath, thanks to the pandemic and the high number of cases in this area, not for a long time. But Himself has a couple of pieces of work in the city art gallery and the show ends on Saturday so, with masks and hand gel we went to have a look.

It is such a beautiful city, and, to my relief, it was not very busy.

The gallery is by Pulteney Bridge, (very near to Tom's fine city abode!)















 Someone had not moored their boat very well. 


This year's invited guest is Denise de Cordova. I like her pieces, carved and painted wood with mixed media.

Saturday 13 November 2021

Autumn colour

 Cold nights have brought some bright colour to the leaves. There is as much foliage on the ground now as remains on the trees. (And my compost bay is full to overflowing!)

A view of the road that runs through the village where we walk every day. It is lovely to kick through the dry leaves.

Monday 8 November 2021

Upside down

 I made an upside down cake with as many of the pears as I could cram into the flan case. First a coating of melted butter and soft brown sugar and on top of that the quartered pears. A two egg Victoria sponge mix,  slackened with milk, coated the pears, and into the oven for forty minutes.

Although there is a lot of soft fruit it holds together well enough to invert onto a plate as soon as it is cool.

It freezes well, although this one didn't get the chance!

Saturday 6 November 2021

This weekend

I'm sweeping leaves and eating pears.

 Mixed weather and cold nights are bringing the leaves down from the trees and each day I add another pile to the overflowing compost bay. Its an enjoyable task.

All the pears have ripened now and are at the juice-running-down-your-chin stage. I shall bake with the ones that are left and freeze the results.

The sweet peppers in the greenhouse are not ripening so I've brought a few pots into the warmth of the kitchen to sit in front of the French windows.  At last, they are reddening up.

At this time of year the sun, when it shines, slants right into the room. It is very welcome!