Wednesday 19 January 2022

Sunday 16 January 2022

The mornings are cold

 but beautiful.

As the mist lifts I spot a hawk in the orchard sitting in an apple tree. It is probably waiting for one of the pigeons  that come to eat my sprouts!

There are still a few flowers on the climbing Iceberg,

Sunday 9 January 2022


We have had days of rain and strong winds and our daily walk has been restricted to just a short walk on the road. But this morning the sun shone and we put on our wellington boots to walk through the woods. The autumn leaves are now a mush and in places it was slippy  underfoot.

Once in the woods we could see the damage that the winds had done, splitting and taking down quite a number of trees.

The forester had been at work clearing and stacking the fallen trunks. There is plenty of brash lying around and I hope it will all be cleared before the bluebells start to push through. If not they will hamper the usual lovely spread of blue flowers.

The deer herd were huddled in the shelter of a clump of trees. and were disinclined to move when I stood to take a photo of them.

It was cold out and good to get back to the warmth of home, where the sun brightened the red of my roses from Aldi!