Wednesday 22 January 2020


There is hardly a thing to see in the mornings as I open the curtains and lift up the blinds. Frost and mist obscure the landscape. It feels stone cold. 
But I much prefer this sort of weather to the endless rain and when the sun manages to break through it looks lovely.

Every January, regardless of the weather, frost sleet or snow, this small tree bursts into pink blossom. It looks so delicate, but is obviously a lot tougher than I am!
Frost and sun patterning the lawn.

Tuesday 14 January 2020

I would like

I would like to be gardening but the weather is against me. 
There is plenty to occupy me indoors; the sewing machine is set up on the table, there are books to be read, classic films on television, baking to make for the freezer. I could even, oh, misery, do a bit of tidying up! But these days of wet and windy weather have kept me couped-up and I'm itching to be out. I put on my wet-weather clothes for a short walk this morning. A freaky gust of wind blew my hat off, torn-off branches were underfoot. I avoided the woods and kept to the road, just a quick twenty minutes. My clothes were sodden by the time I got home.

Friday 10 January 2020


Some mornings just have to be celebrated.

Tuesday 7 January 2020


I took the Christmas decorations down at the weekend in advance of twelfth night and stowed them back in the attic. The rooms seem bare without the colourful loops of twisted crepe paper, assorted pine cone greenery and candles. The only things remaining  are the red roses that I bought before Christmas. I'm amazed that they are still going strong. I sent a bouquet of flowers to a friend whose birthday falls on Boxing Day and she phoned me yesterday to say that her flowers had lasted so well that she was only now going to throw them out. Perhaps the time from cut to customer is now much quicker than it used to be. Whatever the reason both she and I were delighted.
Many households, like mine, have a vegetarian or vegan member. This holiday there were far more veg options to buy from the major supermarkets and I bought a couple from M&S and from Aldi as back-ups to my usual home-made recipes. I also dipped into this Bosh book for some new ideas.
While having a bit of a browse through Blogland I discovered that the blogger Yorkshire Pudding is the father of one of the Bish Bash Bosh Boys, Ian Theasby. Lucky man, I bet they eat well at his house!
Here is a delicious example.