Tuesday 7 January 2020


I took the Christmas decorations down at the weekend in advance of twelfth night and stowed them back in the attic. The rooms seem bare without the colourful loops of twisted crepe paper, assorted pine cone greenery and candles. The only things remaining  are the red roses that I bought before Christmas. I'm amazed that they are still going strong. I sent a bouquet of flowers to a friend whose birthday falls on Boxing Day and she phoned me yesterday to say that her flowers had lasted so well that she was only now going to throw them out. Perhaps the time from cut to customer is now much quicker than it used to be. Whatever the reason both she and I were delighted.
Many households, like mine, have a vegetarian or vegan member. This holiday there were far more veg options to buy from the major supermarkets and I bought a couple from M&S and from Aldi as back-ups to my usual home-made recipes. I also dipped into this Bosh book for some new ideas.
While having a bit of a browse through Blogland I discovered that the blogger Yorkshire Pudding is the father of one of the Bish Bash Bosh Boys, Ian Theasby. Lucky man, I bet they eat well at his house!
Here is a delicious example.


  1. I took down my Christmas things yesterday, after I had helped my Mum to put hers away on Sunday. Now my rooms look more or less the way they will remain until this year's first of the four Advent Sundays.
    Yes, the Bosh! boys are well known to us regular readers of YP's blog. I am not vegetarion or vegan, but sometimes go an entire week without eating meat or fish - I like it, but I don't "have to" have it all the time, and am always happy to try vegan or vegetarian dishes.

    1. PS: I love the intense colour of your wall paint!

    2. I looked for a richly-coloured wallpaper for the dining room, it's the darkest room in the house, but they were either too dull or completely beyond my budget, so I had to resort to paint.

  2. I keep trying to take my Christmas stuff down, but can't bring myself to do it.

    1. Come now, Susan, toughen up, we'll be decorating the house with twigs and eggs, chickens and nests before you know it! (And there'll be chocolate to eat!)

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