Wednesday 22 January 2020


There is hardly a thing to see in the mornings as I open the curtains and lift up the blinds. Frost and mist obscure the landscape. It feels stone cold. 
But I much prefer this sort of weather to the endless rain and when the sun manages to break through it looks lovely.

Every January, regardless of the weather, frost sleet or snow, this small tree bursts into pink blossom. It looks so delicate, but is obviously a lot tougher than I am!
Frost and sun patterning the lawn.


  1. Ever since I was a little girl and walked to Elementary School on a foggy autumn morning, I've had a thing for fog and frost; the atmosphere is just magic, isn't it. And when the sun comes out, everything sparkles and glitters!
    We've had similar weather for the last two days; it is below freezing and I have cancelled tonight's running appointment with a friend.

  2. Wise to cancel the running, it may look magical but it is treacherous underfoot.

  3. It does look stone cold, but so beautiful at the same time!