Wednesday 31 December 2014

Last walk of 2014

There is no frost today and the seagulls were standing on what remained of the ice on the lake as we set off for our final walk of this year. (I don't count the teetering across the road in high heels that I'll be doing this evening!)
In the woods the pathway had been churned up by vehicles and it was muddy underfoot.
Sometimes the tracks left on the ground are fascinating, prints of passing wildlife,  deer and birds. Nothing to see today, just a mess of mud and ice.
We found the vehicles by the small pond
where a couple of young men were doing yet more clearing. This used to be a lovely place to halt when it was a hidden and secluded spot.
But not any more, trees were down
and all the debris scattered on the water.
Woodland certainly needs managing and young trees have been planted to replace those taken down but for now the pond area looks very forlorn. I doubt that the kingfisher that I've seen there before the tidy-up started will want to return in a hurry.
I've enjoyed your company throughout the year, dear bloggers and


  1. Look at you in that gorgeous pink hat and scarf!!!! Love it! I wish I was walking today - walked inside as it was -18! Apparently tonight it will be -25! Unacceptable, I say! Best of everything for you in 2015!

    1. BRrrr, I'm shivering just at the thought of it, Wendy! Keep tucked up safe inside. Wishing you a successful, creative year ahead, with literary ambitions realised (for us both!) :-)x

  2. Replies
    1. And the same to you, Elaine, with the same wishes for 2015 that I've sent to Wendy.

  3. Happy New Year! Looking forward to our first walk of 2015.

    Xo J

  4. Happy New Year to you, Jane. No walk today, there's a good wind blowing and I'm busy with a mountain of washing!