Friday, 5 September 2014

Plum tuckered out!

I've cooked red-skinned plums
 and blue-skinned plums.
There is no space left in the freezer and I'm plum tuckered out!
It's been a week of good and bad. On the good side the scaffolders finally came and took all their ladders, poles and planks away. While doing so they managed to knock the decorative pheasant from the ridge of the greenhouse (he's now patched and glued and back in place) and lent their poles against my precious Japanese peony and broke several branches. But - they are gone!
Another maddening thing was further damage to our wall by persons unknown backing into it on their way to the stables opposite. What a mess.
This is the second time this year that this has happened and on neither occasion has anyone come to own up and apologise, which makes me furious.
 On the good side, the days are soft and gentle and it's a pleasure to be alive. We are eating so well from the garden just now, the 'Blue Lake' beans cropping well, peppers ripening
and cucumbers STILL coming in the greenhouse!
Even though everything has become unkempt there's a good choice of flowers to pick.

We were out of bread so Himself made some soda bread with buttermilk, a bit of bicarb and a mixture of spelt and rye flour.
The boy done good!
I was out picking rose hips to make syrup.
It's a good year for hedgerow bounty.
The sun has been masked in cloud and mist all day. I wanted to take a photo for Friday skywatch but there was nothing special to see, just a pale, hazy sunset to end a lovely autumn day.
Wishing you a lovely weekend.


  1. Looks like I'm going to make a trip down the M5 to sample your home made nosh. It's been a lovely sunny day up here in the Grim North West.

  2. E up, there's nowt grim up North!
    (Sorry about all the multiple comments on your blog, I must have been trigger happy.)

  3. Workmen always do damage they don't seem to notice but it all comes with the job I think.
    Garden is lovely and productive.

    1. You're right, Merle, the workmen were blissfully unaware of the damage they were doing to various plants in the garden that they trod on, leant against and flattened with equipment!
      This is the most productive month in the garden, lots of eating, freezing and preserving.

  4. There is definitely more good than bad. Enjoy the glorious days.

    1. Oh, lovely, Maybe, you are a cup half full person and I agree, there is more good than bad. And the weather continues glorious!

  5. Plum tuckered out! That was me when I tried to leave you a comment last night & failed!

    "It's a good year for hedgerow bounty."

    :-) Smiling.

    1. I've been busy messing up people's comments page - see Phil, above! Sometimes I think that my message hasn't worked and have another go. (I'm a bit eighteenth century!)

  6. Everything looks delicious….well except for that wall, what a pity it has happened again. Can you have the stables foot the bill for a steal post imbedded in the ground that would be some protection for the wall? We had one put in at the office because people backed into our buildings corner wall. Now they back into the post.

    1. That's such a good idea, Doc. I shall get in touch with the council and see if it's a possibility.