Tuesday 30 April 2024


I had another trip to London last week, nothing cultural this time, just a lot of fun and retail therapy!
We met friends for supper so it was a late night getting to bed but the following morning I was up and went with my daughters to Spitalfields to look for suitable clothes for their upcoming trip to India. How London has changed since I was a student, the Spitalfields market was a different experience then! Now the place is humming with visitors and with good reason because there are many interesting and individual shops as well as the lively tourist market activity. I love the varied architecture of the city, the mishmash of old and new is very evident in this area.
Some of the clothes made me feel like a kid in a sweet shop, the jumpers and cardis (I love a cardi!) arranged in mouthwatering colours. My role for the day was as opinion giver, whether wanted or not and clothes and bags holder and I felt that I did rather well.
Lunch was equally delicious.
We chose something sweet to take to the menfolk left at home!
I saw the stylist, Jemma Cotterrell jemma@theshoelovingstylist.com wearing the loveliest outfit. I liked every detail, perfect socks, delicate jewellery worn with a soft cotton skirt and such an uplifting knitted top. I'm going to pinch that look for the summer! Lovely to meet her. Jemma does colour consultations. What a treat it must be to have her advice!
We shopped until I, at least, was ready to drop.
Where next?
Home please, says mother!


  1. Lunch looks delicious. I like Jemma's outfit but think I would look like a "bag lady" if I wore the same.

    1. I very much doubt that you would look like a bag lady, Susan! But you and I, being of the same age, do have a good idea as to what we can and cannot get away with! (And daughter's silver leather pants, in which she looks great, are not for me.)
      Lunch was really good and it was such a treat to spend time with my girls.

  2. I love all the colour in those top photos! Everything's blooming in spring and so should we!

  3. We did our best - some colour was put in a bag and brought home!