Saturday 30 April 2011

Bit of a Do, part two.

The good thing about living in a very small community is that, with a bit of a squeeze, we can just about all fit into one largish room for general celebrations.
That's precisely what we did last night, thanks to hard work on the part of our hosts, who transformed a room, placing old doors on trestles, covering them with white tablecloths and lighting the space with candles. We all sat down and ate in style, shoulder to shoulder, like characters from a Thomas Hardy novel.

Before the sit down we gathered in the garden, and now you can see the wisteria that hangs over the wall above the village letterbox in all its magnificence.

Equally splendid is the handkerchief tree

and a proper swing, big enough for grownups.

I want one!


  1. Hello:
    We are not, as our recent post of 26th. April most likely indicates, totally at one with the events of yesterday! However, we do rather like your comparison to the celebration supper with something out of a Hardy novel. What fun!

    Davidia involucrata is our all time favourite tree.

  2. Beautiful setting and event to celebrate with friends.

  3. Dear Jane and Lance, Any excuse for a knees-up!

    Dear L and Starting Over, Yes, it was a very happy event.

  4. this was the gathering to watch the wedding? i have a confession, i did not watch but i would have if i'd been invited to a party such as this. so lovely. the wisteria is out of this world rosemary.


  5. As it was pitch dark here our "Bit of a Do" was all indoors and the Wisteria is still asleep.

  6. Lovely wisteria Rosemary!
    I must do some research to see if I could grow some in my garden.

    Looks like you are the hostess with the mostess!
    What a great gathering...a big "do"

    I agree about the swing...


  7. Dear Janet, it was an evening supper after the wedding, just an excuse for a get-together, really.
    Dear Doc, I think that most men would have preferred to sleep through it!
    Dear Hostess, I wasn't the hostess, just a happy guest, coveting Beatrice's swing!