Monday 18 April 2011

Blooming marvelous.


Men in white suits came to my home today
 and I hear you think, "They're taking her away!"
Masks on their faces, no skin was exposed,
the object of their interest gently hosed.
I kept my distance, had no more to say
about the sum of money we'd to pay
for this disposal, all their specialist skill
removing our asbestos, that can kill.

We've had to pay an outrageous sum of money to have our old roof sheets taken away - we could have had another week's holiday! Since we were not allowed to dispose of the asbestos ourselves we just had to bite the bullet and pay up. Now that it's gone we are starting to tidy up the site. We loaded the car with rubbish and went to the tip, a very organised place these days, no foraging allowed. While I was discarding things in one section Himself saw a man dumping some quite decent wooden chairs. "All they needed was rubbing down and a fresh coat of varnish" he told me.
"Why didn't you ask if we could have them?" I said.
"Well, I asked the chap in charge if things could be re-used and he just said, quite proudly, 'Rubbish! It's all rubbish!" I wish that I'd taken a look at them - I know no shame!

At home we are left now with just a small pile of stones after the garage rebuild, ones which 'might come in handy'. I fancy a good solid barbeque stand, something for Himself to knock up in his spare time. He's difficult to pin down at the moment because he's preparing for an exhibition in June, all abstract paintings this time. He's having a lot of fun choosing the titles.
The soil is at last warm enough for planting, so I am busy too.

Crab apple blossom

and clematis.
The bees must think they are in heaven, the orchard is a mass of blossom.

Forget-me-nots have seeded themselves freely all about, underplanting the flower beds and decorating nooks and crannies with their delicate misty blue.

White bluebells in the garden, while in the woods the native bluebells are preparing to be spectacular.
It's all blooming marvelous!

 Himself uses this wooden garden shed as his painting room. Don't feel sorry that he has to work in a garden shed, he also has a stone outbuilding for carving and appears to have taken over the rebuilt garage !

'Darling You Can't Leave Now', Peter Murphy, oil painting.


  1. I love your garden, especially the pond area. Beautiful blooms - makes Spring such a special time for those of us who love digging in the dirt!

    The brilliant blue studio is gorgeous - that's one lucky artist! His title for the oil is hilarious, love, it! Perhaps you'll have to lock him out of the house or he'll start something new and creative in there too!

  2. Well, of course I liked your Madeira's story and pictures but your garden speaks to me much more :)
    Not to mention the artists hidden here and there :)

  3. Lovely garden, isn't it grand to be back home?

  4. The good thing about going away is that you then have so much pleasure in coming back home! And I'm having a lovely time digging in the dirt.