Friday 22 April 2011

Such a Good Friday.

Another warm, sunny day - no need for our wellington boots, they can stay on the rack. 
After breakfast we go for a walk in the woods. It is the perfect place to be, there is just a light canopy of unfolding leaves, not dense enough as yet to suppress the riot of flowers underfoot. The birdsong is wonderful, as is the delicate scent of the bluebells.

There are bluebells in the garden

and camassia.
When we get back from our walk there are presents from neighbours, some chocolate eggs from Elaine with the return of a plate

and half a dozen eggs from Kim and Andy from their rescue hens, such a good size that they will hardly fit into our eggcups!

Then it's to work on the veg plot. Luckily it is a private garden so I can wear whatever I like. Such glorious weather today that I'm in bikini top, scare the horses shorts, Dad's old socks and ancient fell boots.
Happy woman!


I wear my Dad's socks when I walk
or work upon the garden plot.
They're woollen warm,
long up the leg in old man colours,
greys and lovatt green.
We walked together all my life
in step
on good days and on bad.
I'll take such comfort as I can
and wear my Dad's socks when I walk.

The trees and hedgerows are so full of blossom that they resemble a Helen Allingham painting.

'Garden in Spring' by Helen Allingham
 (1848 - 1926)

She is famous for painting idealised 'picturesque' country scenes at a time when the reality of living in a small house in the country was generally rather grim. 

The vegetable patch, with plants and seeds securely netted against marauding pigeons.

It's been a wonderful day.

Wishing you a very Happy Easter


  1. Thanks for the tour and a happy Easter to you as well. I feel refreshed after all those beautiful pics.

  2. What a very pretty garden - and what good works you are about. Comfort is lovely, evocative and tender.

  3. I don't wear my dad's socks - they just smell like I do.

  4. hi rosemary,

    how utterly lovely. you in a bikini doing yardwork is the best thing i've seen i awhile. i better not tell larry of this or he'll be wanting me to wear one! the flowers look amazing and your park is just breathtaking. oh and what about that vegetable patch. um hello, i have got to come for a visit. you live in the most amazing place. and isnt' it funny that people think my tiny house is so wonderful but in 1890 is was just a place to house the help. not v glamorous at all. i better get packing and i won't forget my bikini!


  5. rosemary,

    Your garden is so lush...and large!

    You have done such a wonderful job with your placement of trees and plants.
    The image of the eggs and the egg cup put an instant smile on my face...
    Thank you!


  6. I very much enjoyed your tour of Madeira but your garden feels like coming home.

    Happy Easter to you, too.

  7. God bless the memories of your father, hold them dear to your heart. The socks look marvelous, I have an old straw hat of my beloved grandfather that I garden in.

  8. Happy Easter, Rosemary, and big thanks for a visual treat!

  9. A good day indeed! Any day spent out in the great outdoors surrounded by such beauty is an absolutely wonderful day! Easter blessings, Tammy

  10. What a delightful blog. I am following. Your garden is beautiful and I like your spirit. Happy Easter. ♥olive

  11. Dear Ong, thank you for visiting.

    I'm glad you liked my poem, Jennifer, my Dad is much missed.

    Tom, you are not selling yourself well!

    Dear Janet, like your home ours was built for workers serving the 'big house'. I'm still waiting to hear when you plan to visit England.

    Dear Hostess, it's the taste of those eggs that makes me smile!

    Steve, "East, West, home's best.'

    My father's socks are wearing out, Doc, but not my wonderful memories of him. I love the thought of you in your grandad's straw hat. Hope I'll see a picture of you gardening in it sometime.

    Dear Bozena, I've had the happiest of Easters and I do hope that you have also.

    Welcome T and Olive, I hope that you will enjoy sharing my garden.

  12. What a garden you have. my mouth is hanging open....with delight i hasten to add.

    So glad we've met. i had better follow along so I don't miss a flower.

    xo jane