Tuesday 26 April 2011


Here is a vase of tree peonies for flwrjane's  Flowers in the House

and a different variety in the garden.

The border peonies are still in bud, while in the greenhouse the auriculas continue to delight me.

A neighbour has a beautiful display of wisteria

hanging over the wall above the village post box.

But my wisteria hasn't produced a single bloom!


  1. What a very lovely sequence of images. In our 25 years of serious gardening we created a Paeonia walk which in early May was one of the glories of the garden. Yours are such a wonderful reminder.

    How very disappointing that your Wisteria is failing to show signs of flower. They can be tricky, as we are sure you know, and do need careful pruning at the correct time. That said...! Whatever, you can delight in the one by the postbox.

  2. I've been told it can take three years for a Wisteria to bloom after planting. I would love to have a Wisteria, alas, I have way too much shade. Love the Peonies.

  3. Don't you know we're all going to be jealous now.

    Tree peonies are highly desirable.

    Your garden, your town, your whole world looks very lovely.

    Thank you for joining us. We all love to meet another flower lover.

    xo Jane

  4. Your images are gorgeous...love the red door. Wisteria here grows wild and we killed ours because it was climbing all over our old porch.

  5. hi rosemary,

    the pic of your unblooming wisteria is to die for. i ditto jane's comment. aren't you surprised?


  6. Love the wee red door in the stone wall....

    and the auriculas are as pretty as they could be.

    I adore wisteria but have never had any...hope it does bloom for you soon.


  7. Love your Tree Peonies, I have one (Paonia lutea 'ludlowii')that I have given up on as it is ten years old and never blooms, suspect a virus or some nonsense. Reaches eight feet then leaves wilt and canes turn black blotches.

  8. Dear Jane, Lance and Bonnie, I am going to SAVAGE my wisteria this year!

    Dear flwrjane and Janet, My whole blog world is very highly edited - you don't get to see the scruffy bits!

    Dear Olive and Hostess, The village postbox is very small, large letters just won't fit in.

    Dear Doc, how frustrating to get an eight foot plant and then nothing. I'll stop complaining about my wisteria right now.