Tuesday 12 April 2011

Rural Madeira.

Madeira was once a volcanic island. It rises precipitously out of the sea, an inhospitable landscape of deep ravines and high mountains, the highest reaching to five thousand feet. All activity is centred on Funchal town, as young Madeirans have no desire to live in the isolated communities that dot the interior and northern coastline. 
We had an ear popping trip around the countryside, one moment in the valley bottom and a short while later up amongst the clouds. We saw hillsides that had formerly been terraced and cultivated  but that now lie abandoned.

Watsonia flowers growing on the hillside. 

In Santana a few of the traditional thatched houses have been maintained as tourist shops. (One being a flower shop where I bought white Watsonia bulbs, agapanthus and other tempting items.)

A front garden filled just with flax; simple but very lovely.

Cobbled pavements everywhere,

and clouds.


  1. I love your photos of Madeira - it looks such a stunningly beautiful place.

  2. Dear Sensible and Starting Over, Traveling up amongst the clouds was rather magical but the roads were a bit of a nightmare, the ground unstable, with evidence of landslips. As we zigzagged up and down I kept having to hold my nose to clear my popping ears!