Sunday 1 May 2011

May Day, May Day!

Fierce weather today, with the wind doing its best to blow all the blossom and fresh young leaves from the the trees. A few weeks of dry weather has brought the garden ahead of itself. I wanted to photograph  my iris blooms, which don't usually appear until June, but the weather was so wild that I couldn't get the flower heads to stay still!

I've put some seedlings out to harden, white cosmos and hollyhocks, with a little help from my friend.

The ferns have shot up around the pond

and the hardy perennials are starting to put on a good display of colour. 

We are going to the coast for a week, leaving early in the morning. My tree peonies will have finished flowering by the time I return so I've taken another photograph to remind me just how beautiful they have been this year.


  1. Gorgeous flowers, everything blooming and growing !
    I like your garden helper ;)
    Enjoy your little trip.

  2. Beautiful blooms! Have fun this week. I hope you find wonderful things in the garden when you return. Hugs!

  3. I am so jealous of your tree peonies, have a grand time at the beach.

  4. I have a yellow tree peony and like you I have only to be away a couple of days and I have missed it. But just for that little time it is lovely. Enjoy your time away.

  5. Dear Brit, Bonnie, Doc and Weaver, Thank you for your good wishes, we had a relaxing, sun-filled holiday - just what the doctor ordered! (And the garden has rioted in my absence.)