Sunday 15 May 2011

Trouble in Paradise

Surely this site, an orchard in the country, is paradise for bees? You might expect them to be grateful. They buzz and hum happily about my garden as we go about our work together but it is a different story next door where they have now stung my neighbour on three occasions. So the image above is history, the beehives have been relocated further afield, into an adjoining field actually, where we hope they will cause no more trouble and upset. If they don't improve their manners it will be back to the inner city allotments from whence they came!

Other neighbours saw a couple of suspicious looking youths who had parked a large van in a lay-by down the road from our village. They took down the registration number when they saw the youths pick up a  long range rifle that they had put on the ground when they were aware of being watched. Our neighbours called at the gamekeeper's house and gave him the van number. He told them that there is a lot of trouble at the moment with poachers.
We are concerned that deer might be badly shot but not killed outright and also, since we all walk everyday through the woods with our dogs, the worry that we might also be hit.
But in my garden all is serene. I love it when the rows (why are mine always rather wobbly?) of vegetables first appear.

Chives edge the roots bed. Hopefully they will keep the carrot flies away.

Every house in the village has a well in the garden, all redundant now as we are on mains water.

The herbaceous borders are lush with new green growth, very little colour as yet, but it all promises.


  1. Now your just trying to make me jealous (again...)

  2. Your spring garden looks great. I like how the well looks in your garden. Gives it "history."

  3. now this is a real garden. mine is just fluff. i love the chives lining the root veggies. such order! such beauty!

    that is so sad that those boys are causing such trouble. boys and guns never make a good pair.

  4. The police can trace that license plate and have a word with those boys and warn them to stay away as they are being watched.

    Your garden plot looks very large and I love all the rock work. Your pots and plants are wonderfully arranged and it all comes together so beautifully...

  5. Hello Rosemary:
    What a great shame that the bees have had to be moved as they look so 'right' in the orchard.

    Most alarming about the youths with the gun. It does seem rather suspicious and the thought of deer, or any other animals, being maimed is too dreadful to contemplate.

    Your garden really does look a picture of perfection.

  6. It would be such a shame to get rid of the bees, wonder if your neighbor is swatting at them as they usually don't sting unless provoked

  7. Absolutely beautiful! I hope your bees find a happy home.

  8. Tom - having seen your window-box, it's not hard to make you jealous!
    Dear Gardener, yes, it's the history of the well that I like also.
    Janet, not fluff at all, I loved the way that you restored your old roses with such care, that's what I consider proper behaviour for a garden lover.
    Dear Hostess, I think the van will have been hired and they may not find the youths. I used to have a garden twice the size of the present one, but nowadays this is quite big enough!
    Dear Jane and Lance, I do miss glancing into the orchard and seeing the beehives. As you say, they did look just 'right'.
    I'm sure a bit of swatting was involved, Doc!
    Dear Starting Over, Remember that I don't photograph the many messy bits!
    Dear Bonnie, I'll take a walk into the field and photograph their new home.