Sunday 30 September 2012

Water, water everywhere

This time last week we were leaving the Dales and the landscape was draped in early morning mist. It always seems to look at it's most beautiful once I have packed up to go. The weather forecast had promised extremely bad weather to come and we thought it best to head back down south. It was a wise decision because by the following day stretches of road had become flooded and were closed off. We had enjoyed sunshine with showers during our stay, the only areas of flooded road being quite useful for washing the underneath of the car!
Many of the Dales are called after the rivers that run through them.
Some of the bridges are handsome old stone structures such as Ulshore Bridge over the River Ure,
while others, over the many tributaries and streams, are altogether more humble.

The water is stained brown from the peat in the surrounding moorland hills.
There is a beck, the word for stream in Yorkshire, beside our home and the sound of running water is a constant.
A little further up the beck there is a small waterfall.
What's not to like?
Well, the journey back south was a bit grim!


  1. I love the word beck to describe a stream, it's not a down-south word. Lovely photos.

    1. I believe that 'beck' is of Nordic origin, as are many northern words.

  2. Oh those images are full to the brim of mother nature's handy work...
    It looks like some wellies are definitely needed!
    Our weather will soon turn to rain...
    we gardener's like it as it means less time spent watering :-)

    1. Definitely wellies - and a jacket and a hat! This year I haven't needed to water the garden once, only give attention to things in pots.

  3. Rosemary...As you said, what is there not to like? To wake to the sound of water would be heaven. I find it so soothing. The landscape is beautiful. Glad you made it home safe and sound. Bonnie

    1. Yes, I'm always grateful to arrive safely after a journey. Our roads are crowded and driving is no longer a very pleasurable experience.
      Water, on the other hand, is a delight - as long as it is not flooding your home!