Monday 10 September 2012

Into autumn

At last we are enjoying warm, dry weather and are able to be outside doing some work. Himself has been up the scaffolding tower applying wood stain to the greenhouses and the house windows.
I have been lifting the onions and setting them out to dry, with assistance from Maisie.
Whilst the tower was assembled we did a bit of tree cutting

and hacked back shrubs that had grown into the flower border.
It gives me a space to plant the delphiniums that I've grown from last year's collected seed.
This end of the herbaceous border is supposed to be for rich, dark colours, blues, purples and reds.

I went to the garden centre to buy spring bulbs to fit with the colour scheme and was tempted by this aster, 'Blue Lapis' and anemone, 'Praecox' which is a deeper pink than the ones that already flourish in the garden.
Tulips tend to disappear in my borders - I blame the squirrels. Let's hope that these will be more successful.
The roads around our village are narrow and appear even more so because the hedges and verges have remained uncut all summer long.
They are filled with wild flowers
and even the curse of my garden, the pesky bindweed
looks beautiful.
As does it's little pink striped sister.

Blackberries are ripening.
I love this time of year.


  1. Everything is looking beautiful! I have so much to clean up around here. The temperatures continue to soar. Though we have received a little rain, I am afraid it is too little too late. I will cut back the perennials, pull the annuals and begin to plant for fall and winter. Will you be making blackberry jam? Enjoy you beautiful weather.

    1. If there is to be a good crop of blackberries then I shall puree the fruit. It is such a different autumn this year with little or no fruit to preserve. Good job I made a mountain of jams and chutneys with last year's plums!

  2. I have garden and soil envy. Your garden looks so cared for.

    1. Dear Lilac. The garden is over-run - the camera lies! I'm saying what I always say, "next year...."

      I started this blog to share my garden after a trip into town because I couldn't imagine myself living happily without a patch of garden. So do please consider it a little bit yours. (You have saved yourself broken nails, muddy knees and a sore back!)

  3. Blackberries indeed, brambles, cousin!