Thursday 28 July 2011


I've been shopping at Lidl for basic supplies. Some people are really sniffy about this store but I think that it is excellent; big tubs of Greek yogurt, unsalted Welsh butter and tasty salmon steaks, all at reasonable prices - what's not to like?
I always have a little glance at the flowers and plants. Imagine my delight at finding Margaret Hunt. I used to grow this clematis outside my kitchen door at our last home and I haven't seen her since.
What! More plants! says Maisie. Oops, Caught on camera!

Clematis 'Margaret Hunt.'

And whilst I was about it, who can resist a 'Blue Angel.'

The sun is out, the wind has stopped blowing and everything in the garden is lovely. Why, even the cabbages are heartening up,

and the peas and beans are prolific.

This is the garden today. Can you see a space anywhere for me to plant a couple of clematis?


  1. Well, clematis go onwards and upwards so they should fit in anywhere - why not up one of the trees?

  2. Both you are your garden are looking lovely:)

    xo Jane

  3. Hi Rosemary,
    Both sorts of clematis would look nice just trained through any large evergreen that you have lurking in that fabulous garden of yours.

  4. Rosemary, I am certain you will find the perfect spot to squeeze in the clematis. I never tire of seeing your beautiful gardens.

  5. Hi Rosemary,

    I would not be able to resist that clematis either. My husband says I have an addiction to flowers, maybe, but what's wrong with that.

  6. Those peas look like a sweet treat...maybe plant the clematis and train it to grow up a tree.

  7. I'm with you, Cher - I love Lidl, and make the trip to Melksham, if only to buy their great 'Gold' filter coffee. Why pay more (unless it is to feed starving farmers in the coffee growing areas...)?

  8. My gosh is your garden beautiful!

  9. Dear All, one clematis planted and I'm still dithering as to where to place the other.
    Yes, I think that perhaps I should join gardeners anonymous together with you, Starting Over!
    The blue podded peas are prolific, Hostess, and bug free, but nothing like as sweet as the green podded variety. I think that they would be more suitable for mushy peas so I doubt that I'll grow them again.
    Welcome, E.B.Finch, my 50th follower! This is my garden site, more general rambling will pop up on Miss Cellany.