Monday 25 July 2011

Flowers in the house

Here are my flowers in the house for Jane at SmallButCharming
In the sitting room  a bowl with perennial sweet peas, phlox, purple sage and the rose 'Chapeau de Napoleon'.

There are annual sweet peas in nearly every room. They are my favourite variety, 'Elizabeth Taylor', wonderfully scented and prolific.

The house windowcills are deep and gather not only flowers but also a motley collection of objects. Here are two of the kitchen windows.

Outside there are yet more sweet peas, some bunches to take round to the neighbours.

Buddleja in the dining room beneath a portrait of our home.

Lilies are flowering in the small greenhouse that's attached to the house. It's a nice place to sit when the rain is pouring or the wind blowing, two regular features of an English summer!

There are just a few dried grasses, poppyseed heads and artificial flowers on the windowcill of my workroom.


  1. The view from your workroom is a thing of beauty.

    As are all your sweetpeas!

    Would I was a neighbor.

    Lovely flowers and perfect wall color.

    Thanks for joining in.

    xo Jane

  2. Lovely, lovely photographs. The first one resembles an old Dutch Master painting.

  3. The colors are so beautiful. You take such lovely pictures.

  4. I loved reading your post. I am adding 'Elizabeth Taylor' to my must-grow list for next year.

  5. I have grown 'wild' sweet peas for the first time this year after a friend gave me some seedlings. They have the most wonderful smell. They were slow to get going but now they are racing up the wall and full of flower.

  6. Dear Jane, I wish that you were a neighbour also, how nice that would be. (The next door house is up for let!)
    The dining room simply does not photograph true to its colour. It is actually quite a deep emerald green. I love colour and am not one for white walls.
    Dear Rosemary and Starting Over, Thank you for your praise. Sometimes I am loathe to cut flowers from the garden, but once they have been concentrated in a vase then it becomes worthwhile.
    Dear Gill, Welcome. I can really recommend E.T. She is amazingly prolific. I buy a pack of plants from B&Q each spring and pot them on, pinch the tips and keep under glass until the weather imroves. I plant them out with a good bed of muck at their roots. They repay all my effort in full!
    Dear Weaver, I don't know of wild sweet peas - save some seedlings from this years crop please!

  7. Your garden is so beautiful..swseet peas have been a favourite since childhood.
    thanks for dropping in on thefeatheredhest