Friday 15 July 2011

Dales walk

Ours is a 'strip' village, where houses one row deep line either side of the road. Those on the lower slope of the dale have a narrow length of field across which there is a footpath, known as the 'six field walk'. The fields are well walled and gated, suitable for livestock.
This is our route on a walk down to the river. 

The stiles are all quite different, some offset and rather tricky to negotiate! They are supposed to be narrow enough for human legs but not for sheep.

Stone barns with large stone roof tiles are a feature of the Yorkshire Dales. They are handsome buildings and the tiles are much sought after. Sometimes the tiles are taken to be used elsewhere and sadly, when that happens, the barns deteriorate very quickly.

The roadside verges are untreated and uncut and at this time of year they are a mass of flower. As we walk down the road, nearer to the river, the stones on the walls change shape, becoming rounded forms, taken from the river bed.

This wild flower is a particular favourite and one that I have not found growing outside the Dales.

A footpath between two households is as carefully tended as the gardens.

Here is the river, after which the dale is named. It is a rich brown in colour, peat stained from the many small streams feeding down from the moors.
We have walked a circular route and this small bridge spans a stream on our way back home.

We'll walk on the moors tomorrow.


  1. I so enjoyed our walk. I look forward to tomorrow.

  2. Wonderful. How I love England. (just as well,eh?)

  3. What a beautiful walk! Here in desert country, it is 125 most days, drab and dreary! I do so miss green grass, trees and wildflowers blooming. A sight for sore eyes. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  4. There is a lot of what I think is called Giant Bellflower on the sides of the road going up to Kisden through Bishopdale - I look for it every year. I have never seen it growing anywhere other than the Dales, except in the Greek Islands! Your garden looks lovely - I must look out for it next time I go through the village.

  5. What a picturesque village!
    I would love to traipse across those fields and walk over that bridge...
    you know that expression about the grass being greener...:)