Thursday 14 July 2011

In Yorkshire

We arrived in the Yorkshire Dales at harvest time, several dry, sunny days had been forecast and the village was a hive of activity. We had been away from our own place for such a long time that I had a fair bit of hacking down to do myself.

 The front garden is very small so it didn't take long to clear the steps and path. I'm a Yorkshire woman, so nothing was wasted - I put the cut flowers in the house.

This dainty-looking everlasting pea is actually a bit of a thug, it has taken over the Rosa Mundi rose, but it looks so pretty that I hadn't the heart to pull it out.

There is a path here somewhere!

This untidy rose grows through the railings in the front garden. It flowers for a short time only, and as you can see, the blooms are nothing special. Even so I am very pleased to have it because I grew it forty or so years ago from a small sprig gathered from the wall of the derelict watermill further down the dale.

The middle of this stream, called a 'beck' in Yorkshire, marks the boundary of our property. If you follow the beck upstream towards the moors you find this small waterfall.

Tomorrow I shall take you on a walk.


  1. Ooh goodie. Looks like a nice walk.

  2. I look forward to our walk tomorrow! Hugs! Bonnie

  3. holy cow rosemary. a beck? and a waterfall? again i say live in paradise. and i love your little play on the garden path through pictures, very poetic.


  4. Yorkshire looks so different than the images of the flat stone stacked farms from the All Creatures TV series...thank you for sharing the gardens!
    You are so fortunate to be surrounded by such loveliness...
    and hailing originally from Kent, the Garden of England!

  5. Love the flowers inside and out.

    Just a touch of heaven on earth.

    Lucky woman.

    xo jane

  6. I came across your garden just as you were closing the gate, and was disappointed. I am so pleased to find that you have reopened it again.

  7. You have a beautiful garden!

    Regards Janny