Thursday 21 July 2011

Summer. What summer?

Every tub and water butt is full and overflowing with rainwater. The weeds are growing like mad, flowers being battered and the downpours are so fierce that there is no question of going outside and doing anything about it.

Time to stay inside the greenhouse and keep dry while the rain hammers on the roof.

I could talk nicely to the tomatoes and persuade them to turn red. "No sun? Who needs sun?' Oh, you do! Yes, well so do I!"

The lilies have been saved a battering. I brought them under glass last week and now their perfume scents the house.


  1. Looks like I got your summer and you have my rain!
    Such is the case in gardening.

  2. I will switch places in a heartbeat. Really.

    Can you cook there? We've all closed down our kitchens.

    Living on watermelon now.

    xo Jane

  3. I can almost smell those lilies. When i have grown mine in pots for a couple of years I take the corms down to the bottom of the veggie garden and put them in there. They are totally neglected but produce a fantastic show of blooms every year and their scent fills the garden and gives a bit of pleasure while we pick those endless peas which are now beginning to be ready to eat. We had our first chard and our first broad beans yesterday - delicious.

  4. Wishing sunshine your way - your photos are beautiful nonetheless

  5. Dear Gardener, Well I've certainly got enough rain to share with anyone who wants it!
    Dear flwrjane, I turned the Aga off when we went to Yorkshire, but it's back on now. Watermelon is good - for starters!
    Dear Weaver, it's nice to be able to picture you in your veg garden.
    Thank you, Happy Homemaker, It's Saturday and the sun IS shining.