Saturday, 22 September 2018


The weather has changed, rain, cold and very strong winds are knocking the walnuts from the tree (but not the squirrels, who are feasting) and shrivelling the foliage from the squash. Some are harvested
but others,
especially the butternuts
have yet to mature.
I ordered a dumpy bag of soil improver at the beginning of the week and now it's sitting in an awkward position in the yard waiting for the rain to stop falling and the wind to stop blowing!
When the sun does shine it is fleeting and low, and soon it will have disappeared completely from the sitting room windows which face east and west. In summer when the sun is high light falls on the floor, but now it reaches further into the room and illuminates odd fragments. 
A handful of flowers rescued from the garden.
Christine Post's carving, Mother and Child.

No glimpse of the sun today.
We are hunkered down.
Perhaps I'll manage to shovel some soil improver next week!


  1. OH yes, now so quickly it is a Soltice of another sort. Shortest day for the Autumn time of year, which mean shorter days ahead. Bright lights on the commuter bikes, fire already in stove,figuring out ways to stay warm, harvest coming in... And needing to be dealt with. Not quite not like in the old days, times of past... That is an advance, perhaps? As always, not sure... But life more enjoyable now, tho' worries persist.

    Well, again, offbeatedly this morning, also perhaps (?), BUT love this post!

    1. Dear Wildside, I keep looking for a post from you. Nada! Hope all is well and life is not TOO hectic. Our woodturner is lit. A glorious day today but the evenings come in cold.

  2. Oh. . . your squash/pumpkins are lovely. The first photo is especially lovely.

    cheers, parsnip and badger

    1. They are such a useful crop and should store well for months to come. I start off knowing exactly what variety I planted, then they grow all over the place, into each other and through other plants. When it comes to harvesting them I haven't got a clue as to what is what!

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