Thursday, 27 September 2018

Indian Summer

We are having beautifully calm and sunny autumn weather, its described as an 'Indian Summer'. I love days like these.
I'm tackling the front border. It is in such a chaotic state that its easy to be ruthless. Once I've dug out the overgrown planting and cleared the soil I barrel in some soil improver from the dumpy bag I bought last week. It smells great! (Peasant - moi?)
Its good to have a reason to be out of doors. Its warm in the sun, but the shadows are cool and it quickly becomes cold as the sun sinks.
The fir tree in the middle of the picture self-seeded into the area of gravel garden and I like the height that it creates.
The parent plant grows on the boundary of our garden with the road and is HUGE.
I know that we are going to have to remove the self-seeded one before it becomes a problem. In our previous home a large blue cedar caused cracks to appear in our sitting room wall and we don't want to repeat that particular problem!
It looks far enough away from the building at the moment, but we have to imagine how far the roots might be spreading.


  1. Your home and garden are lovely! I enjoy the gardening tasks of the fall, especially on cool, sunny days. I don't know that I've ever commented, but I follow your blog through Feedly and enjoy every post.

  2. As far as Septembers go, my wishes have come true this year.

  3. I also need to get into my gardens and do some serious hacking away of overgrowth. Love the fall colors you are getting in your space.

  4. Very nice post really ! I apperciate your blog Thanks for sharing,keep sharing more blogs.


  5. The photos really show how nice the weather is! I'm just waiting for a nice sunny day to get out and do some clean up before the snow falls!