Wednesday 7 June 2017


On our recent holiday in Corfu we hired a car and revisited some of our old haunts. We drove to Paleokastritsa in the late afternoon to look around the monastery. 
It sits on a rocky outcrop 
above the straggling tourist town
and provides a lovely viewing point.
Locks denoting love have spread from the bridges of Paris!

Someone with green fingers had obviously moved in since my last visit because now the place is awash with flowers!

A strange flower forms a canopy over the path to the shop and museum.

The courtyard is a mass of blossom.

The chapel entrance.
Every corner beautifully tended.

Of course you can't impress everyone!


  1. Mmm. That makes me want to visit Crete again.

    1. Just go, Tom, there's not much to keep us in Blighty these days!

    2. Work still keeps me here, and H.I.'s teaching means we can only take holidays when everyone else is!

  2. Those are beautiful photos Rosemary! It looks like such a peaceful area to wander. No wonder the little kitties are so sleepy lol :)

    1. Yes, it was just the right time of day to visit, very peaceful - until a priest appeared and banged with a big lump of wood to call to evening prayer!