Tuesday 27 June 2017

Growing season

Some poor deluded soul was on the radio last week saying that houses didn't need kitchens, that cooking was drudgery and the expense of a kitchen, he quoted the figure of fifty thousand, ridiculous. Well, I agree with his last point, there's no need to spend anything like that amount to get a decent kitchen. But on all other points the man was talking rubbish and possibly eating rubbish quite often as well since all his food, he told us, is, 'bought in'. More money than sense, obviously.I don't know why they gave him air time.
We are eating like kings from food harvested from the garden. The pleasures that man has no concept of - there's no food that tastes as good as a freshly picked and prepared food, it's organic, untouched by other hands and makes sense financially as well.

The carrots are a healthy crop
with seed waiting to be collected from last season's carrots.
Their flower heads are so attractive.
Parsley is seeding amongst the asparagus
and as crops are lifted they create a space for more planting
well netted against the pigeons!
The mangetout flourished in the sunshine while we were away from home and were well past picking by the time we returned so they also are being left and the seed collected once ripe to keep for next year's planting. I've sown another row in the space left by some of the lifted (and eaten!) 'Charlotte' potatoes.
The whole garden is in a state of lush chaos. There's lots that needs doing, but the temperature is pleasant, the days are long and it's the time just to enjoy the space that we are in.

Vines and clematis on the shed roof
and 'Raubritter' looking over the wall.
In the greenhouse
the 'Red Cherry' tomatoes are growing,

although still small and green.
Only 'Cinderella' is unhappy. Go to the ball? That's all she's done. The least bit of wind and rain and she refuses to open, her top petals close, the whole flower head forms a tight ball and drops off. She's a fair weather creature and a great disappointment.


  1. That man must live in the city and have a very bad attitude.
    There is nothing like eating food right off the vine. My garden is just beginning to produce. What I don't grow myself, I get from the farmer down the road or shop at farmer's markets. Eating good fresh food is one of the glories of summertime.

  2. Rosemary, you are a true inspirational gardener. I love peonies - nothing more beautiful - but disappointing in how little enjoyment they provide.

  3. Wow, you have a great veggie garden Rosemary!! Your food looks so good, and I agree with you about that radio dude. He's likely a bachelor who is too lazy and city-crazy to appreciate good food and nutrition. We know better! :)

  4. "...there's no food that tastes as good as a freshly picked and prepared food, it's organic, untouched by other hands and makes sense financially as well."

    Amen to that!(more to say, but why?!? LOL)

  5. Oh My Goodness.... ENVIOUS !
    I adore all your photos they are wonderful. Your garden is so inspirational but with the extra high temps here 110 to 118 we are just trying to keep cool. Your garden here would be dead in a day.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  6. Your garden is wonderful. There is nothing better than vegetables you have grown yourself. The flavor of potatoes and carrots from the store is just a pale imitation of what can be grown in the home garden.

    I can't imagine a home without a kitchen, but then I also would not care to eat restaurant food every meal. Enjoyable occasionally, but I would miss my own home cooking, and I'm not even that great of a cook.