Thursday 22 June 2017

Up North

Last week we stayed overnight in the Midlands en route to a family funeral. The hotel building dates from 1640. It was damaged in the Civil War by Cromwell's army. The owners sent a bill to parliament and Cromwell paid up!

A lovely studded old oak door.
Replicas on display of the legal paperwork relating to the house.
We had an early morning start, leaving, we thought, at least an hour and a half of extra time before the morning service. I thought we would be kicking our heels in the graveyard and all seemed fine as we drove along the toll road. Then came the roadworks, followed by every light at red and the gates closed on the level crossing! We  arrived only just before the hearse.
After the service (and a catch-up with cousins who are spread far and wide) it was on to our bolthole in the Dales for a few nights. We usually go in and out of the house via the French windows but a bird flew past us in panic as we arrived. Spotted flycatchers had built a nest in the climbing rose to the left of the doors.
I put a notice on the gate and wired it shut. Both parents were busy from morning 'til night feeding their chicks, catching insects on the wing beneath the trees above the beck. They are elegant little birds, as one parent fed the chicks the other one sat on the railings waiting it's turn to arrive with a morsel.
We came and went by the front door
which we normally hardly ever use
as it leads straight out onto the road.
The garden was a tad overgrown!

I counted over a dozen bees on this plant.
It was glorious weather for walking.
I love it when I'm 'home'!
At the weekend it was Leyburn's Festival of Food and Drink and we popped along to see what was on offer. 
There were a number of stalls selling artisan gin and others with all manner of flavoured vinegars - what's that all about?!

I loved 
the Butternut baskets stall 
with baskets imported from various African countries.
Here's 'Mrs Butternut' talking to Himself.
I want one!
Not much to do with Yorkshire I hear you say. Well, that's what I thought. There were stalls selling turros from Spain, Tai food, Russian pies, food and drink from all over the place. 
Let's check out the Wensleydale Creamery, makers of my favourite Coverdale cheese (I'm not biased!) Ah, that's more like it!


  1. Such beauty and what fun to shop there.

  2. What a beautiful place. Did you buy a basket? -Jenn

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