Saturday 10 June 2017

Corfu Town

Back again for a wander around Corfu Town. It always pleases, with it's lovely old buildings showing the influence of France and Italy.
We were not alone in wandering the streets,
these musicians were attracting a good crowd.
It's also a good place to sit and watch the world go by.
(Although these girls seem more interested in their phones.)

No surprise that this restaurant is called 'Bougainvillea. '
And what a fabulous tree!
We walked down a favourite street 
(it has a great little bakery!)
New to us  was Casa Parlante, a townhouse near the Liston that is now a small museum. For an entry fee of only 5 euros we were tempted inside to learn about life in a 19th century nobleman's house.
Items in the dining room demonstrated all the various influences of the country, Corfu only having become part of Greece in 1864 when it left the British Protectorate. There was English china and silver, Italian glass and objects from other countries.

The count was reading his papers in French and Italian. (His servants understood only Greek.)
In the sitting room we were given a glass of rose liquor  - delicious. Had it been for sale we would have bought a bottle but our charming young guide said that it was made only for the museum.
The staff traveled onto town each day with provisions from the country estate.

Another foreign import, an English sewing machine with a royal image.
The door by which the servants came and went from Casa Parlante was cut very low making it necessary to bend down. This, the guide told us was to remind them of their status within the house.  On that rather sobering note we left the museum (upright!). It was five euros well spent!


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    1. I know, Tom. Pain in the arse or what! But I'm making this blog for myself as a means of recording the good times. When I'm a tottering old biddy I'll be able to scroll through my posts and relive the pleasure.

  2. The flowers along that street are breathtaking! Thanks for sharing. -Jenn

    1. The colour of that tree is my absolute favourite, simply beautiful.

  3. Wow...what a charming village! I love it.'s so typical these days to see people glued to their phone screens...typical and kind of sad at the same time.

    Those trees are fabulous...and the dining room is so cozy! Lucky you! :)

    1. The two girls on their phones were sitting in the square with the beautiful tree before them - I know what I would sooner be looking at!