Wednesday 27 July 2016

Out to lunch.

We met friends for lunch today, just a walk up the road to our nearest eatery. It's a slight uphill pull, which makes us feel virtuous, the thought of a bit of exercise providing the excuse to eat with abandon - and it's downhill all the way home once our stomachs are full!
I've posted this venue before because it has a 25 mile food policy and a fabulous vegetable garden. It's always a pleasure to stroll around after the meal and identify the crops that we have eaten.
Local chargrilled pork loin with new season tomatoes, sprouting broccoli and olives.
The desserts are attractively decorated with edible flowers.

We ate in the conservatory
and sat outside for coffee
before wandering around the vegetable garden.

It's an impressive sight.
I love the teeshirt scarecrow
and I'm going to pinch the idea!
Some of the vegetables were cut to come again.
And everything neatly labeled.
Lots of chillies in the greenhouse
and, for a change, 
someone other than me grubbing about in the soil!


  1. Neat place to lunch. I don't think they have one like that around here.

    1. We are lucky to have this just a short walk away.

  2. Oh what a lovely day. A nice meal with friends, beautiful scenery and a healthy jaunt. It doesn't get much better.

  3. That must have been a delicious lunch, the vegetable garden looks great, so probably the food will be too.

    1. I'm sure that you would enjoy a wander round this veg garden, Janneke. Three gardeners work here, including a husband and wife team from Spain. I heartily approve of eating food that has been grown close to home.

  4. What a fantastic place and in walking distance.

    1. It's certainly nice not to have to get in the car in order to have an enjoyable meal out.