Friday, 22 July 2016

Summer at last!

We have sunshine and unaccustomed heat. It's high summer and I love it. Rugs and blankets have been washed and put out to dry, we are gorging on soft fruit, eating outside under the shade of the walnut tree. Everything is romping in the garden (or has romped and is being cut back for a second flowering.) Today I walked around the house in the cool of early morning with my camera.

There's plenty of promise in the vegetable garden.

Pounds of gooseberries to pick,
and sweet peas to scent the house.
Life is good!


  1. I just purchased a gooseberry and have no idea what they taste lick. I would love that hollyhock as it reminds me of my late grandmother, she had a huge boarder of them. I have not been able to find that colour at the nurseries near us and no luck with seed companies.

  2. Just one gooseberry bush should provide you with a load of fruit that is excellent for freezing, for making pies, jam and jellies!
    I grew the hollyhock from seed and would be happy to send you some, Doc, if you email your address to me. I've looked for the old seed packet, bought a good number of years ago, but must have thrown it out. It has reminded me that my garden store needs a good clear out!

  3. What gorgeous greenery - thanks for sharing.

    1. For some reason, Diane, I can't leave my comments on your posts from my Miss Cellany blog, which is where I participate in your Tuesday Intros. I also have difficulty in leaving comments on some of the other bloggers posts, although I read their choices with interest!