Friday 15 July 2016

Yorkshire garden

We've been in Yorkshire for a few days, only our second visit this year. I feared that the small front garden might have been choked by weeds and put a few pots of plants from home in the car to fill any barren patches. I needn't have worried, there wasn't a patch of bare earth to be seen, and the path to the front door seemed to have disappeared!

It's here somewhere.

Ah, eventually found under a great deal of vegetation!

The Rosa Mundi has obviously loved all the rainfall.
Sticks were cut and used to prop up plants and restore some order to the everlasting sweet pea. It's such a pretty, delicate-looking plant, but it gets everywhere.
But not everything was thriving. The snowball viburnum is in a very sorry state. It needs spraying with either insecticide or fungal treatment, possibly both. 
The leaves are badly distorted with some sort of blight.
But for now I'll forget the problems and concentrate
on how much pleasure a garden gives.


  1. Rosemary it is all so beautiful. If the flower gardens are that beautiful, I suspect your vegetable gardens are also. Truly, you have a green thumb.

    1. I've got very grubby hands, that's for sure!

  2. Oh how you have inspired me! So much color, what a gorgeous entryway.I hope the viburnum recovers.

    1. I was so delighted when we drove round the corner and saw the garden ahead of us full of flowers. I think the viburnum tree requires far more regular attention than I'm able to give it in order to be healthy. I'll give it another good spray when I'm back there next month.

  3. Your garden is beautiful! I love the color! My mom grew sweet peas; I wish I had taken a cutting before the farm was sold. I hope you are having a wonderful summer. Hugs!