Wednesday 3 August 2016

Rain and shine

When we got home we set to work to make our own scarecrow, making use of an old shirt with a very frayed collar, garden gloves with holes and an empty yogurt pot for a head. It has the pigeons confused!
 I catch glimpses of him from different parts of the garden.
But now he's looking rather forlorn after two days of solid rain.

 It beats me why people in Blighty complain about hot weather because it never lasts for more than a few days. On those rare times when it's warm and dry we like to eat out here under the shade of the walnut tree.
 But it isn't weather for sitting about so instead path edges have been trimmed,
a 'gothic' arch erected to give the  everlasting sweet peas something to ramble up,
 and a new crop cage put over the brassicas to keep them from being eaten.
 The courgettes are romping away. Today's lunch dealt with a few. Halved and parboiled, then the flesh scooped out and mixed with plenty of cheese, garlic, mixed herbs and some breadcrumbs and baked in the oven.


  1. You have to smile every time you look out at that scarecrow. I hope he does his job well.

    1. Yes, it looks so ridiculous that it does make me smile!

  2. Rosemary, are you feeding the neighborhood or can those be frozen like that. They look delicious. I've always admired your garden as I can tell how much work goes into it. It has been in the hundreds for two weeks and I am so tired of it, yet it will last all of August with nary a cloud. I have to go out early to water and believe it or not, the water was coming out of the hose warm. I used to have a scarecrow each summer, sometimes just a white cotton dress blowing in the breeze. The birds would sit on it and the deer cared not, but it is just the cherry on the cake; just makes the garden.

    1. No, I'm not (yet) feeding the neighbourhood, Donna, but I am making a lot of ratatouille for the freezer! Your scarecrow in a white dress sounds rather poetic, I can picture it behaving well in the sunlight and then going walkabout in moonlight.

  3. I think I must say this every time I comment but you have a most beautiful garden. Love the scarecrow is so much fun.
    This is so different from mt desert garden.
    Enjoy your sunny day with a lunch or dinner outside.

    cheers, parsnipand thehamish

    1. And I keep saying that, in truth it's a bit scruffy and out of hand, the photos don't show that. Nevertheless I do love it, it's a source of constant pleasure - and good food!