Sunday 4 March 2012

Quiet Sunday

Our neighbours, Kim and Andy, moved house this weekend, leaving their old cottage with its large garden for a brand new home, built with a variety of green, eco-friendly features. Their cottage, across the road from our own, although extremely pretty, was impossible to keep comfortably warm during the winter months. 

They spent all day Saturday moving possessions, and their three greyhound rescue dogs, to the new home and came wearily to supper last night so that we, along with other friends, could say a proper goodbye.
This morning when I looked out of the landing window the hen house had gone and the battery chickens were starting a new life further up the village with the blacksmith's cockerel - I hope it works out all right! (There will be no more presents of free range eggs!)
There was no washing on the line, a sign that always told me when Kim was home and not on a shift at the oncology ward where she works. The garden looked what it now is, very quiet and empty. Oh, how we're going to miss them.

Lyndie, another neighbour, brought me this cheerful spray of freesias (she also brought a range of impressions that kept us all in tucks of laughter!)

This morning I picked the first couple of camellias that have come into bloom. But there is a ferociously cold wind blowing which isn't going to do the opening buds much good at all.


  1. I am always sad when a neighbor moves away. The watercolor is so lovely and I can smell the freesia from here. Rosemary, what are the blooms in the vase with the camillas. They are so sweet. I hope you have fabulous new neighbors soon. Bonnie

    1. I don't know what has happened to freesias this last few years, they no longer seem to have that incredible perfume.
      Steve is right, the green flowers are hellebores, they seed themselves all about the place but are no problem as they are very easy to pull up.
      I can't imagine anyone filling the space that Kim and Andy have left.

  2. I think they look like hellebores. What a lovely arrangement.

    I hope someone has purchased the house and you'll make new friends.

  3. It's always sad when old friends and neighbours move - they are so very missed. Hopefully new people will move in and will be just as nice.

    I can almost smell the freesias - haven't had any for ages.