Tuesday 20 March 2012

Moss attack

This is what one bag of lawn sand can do to moss in the lawn! Himself got the scarifyer out, but the grass was too long so it wouldn't work. 
Then he got the lawn mower out 

after which there was success with the scarifyer. But there's a lot more work to be done, and the lawn looks like a dog's dinner.
Oh, the envy I feel when I read that Angela at frugal gardening tips has a husband who nurtures a 'perfect lawn'!

But elsewhere in the garden things are looking up. The auriculas are coming into flower.

And do you remember me buying this tree peony, 'Blue Moon', at the rare plant sale last year? I potted it on and have kept it under glass throughout the winter. I am so glad that I did because it is about to repay me with two flowers. 
The tree peonies that are growing in the garden are very sorry for themselves, cold winds have done a lot of damage and there will be few, if any flowers this year, although I can see some signs of new growth just starting to push through the soil. 

The un-named camellia outside the kitchen door is giving a good display

but quite my favourite camellia is E. G. Waterhouse. She is my least vigorous camellia bush, with just a few flowers that hide themselves beneath the glossy leaves. But, oh, isn't she beautiful!

I've picked a couple of blooms so that I can enjoy the structure and colour.
Just about perfect!


  1. Moss, moss, glorious moss eh? It's being an absolute pain this year. Your hubby is very brave to tackle it head on, but I'm sure it will pay off! That Camellia EG Waterhouse is stunning.

  2. I sympathise with you, we have the very same problem plus lots of weeds. We have decided to get the Green Thumb people in, hoping that they can sort it out.

  3. And here I am trying to grow moss between my fieldstone patio for years. I have had some success, but mostly failures. I think if it does not work out this year, I will finally relent and go with the step-upon thyme.

    1. Your comment makes me smile, aren't we gardeners a contrary lot! I think that Japanese moss garden are absolutely sublime, but of course they have no grass in them at all, and you can guess what would pop up out of the ground if I tried to cultivate that particular style. And, even if successful, it would look pretty odd in an English country garden.
      Scented thyme sounds lovely.

  4. What beautiful pictures. They make my heart feel good.