Wednesday 10 August 2011

Thank you

I've picked a selection of white flowers from the garden today to say thank you to all those people who dressed in white clothes and came out into the wrecked streets of England to clear away the debris and demonstrate their determination to reclaim their community. Their action has done something to lift the deep depression that I feel about the society that I live in, the behaviour not only of the ignorant and dispossessed, but of those bankers, politicians and people in authority whose actions have also labeled them as thieves.

A garden is a great refuge from negative thoughts, even if the pears are getting blown down from the trees before they have a chance to ripen!

No problems with the tomato crop because I'm growing them under glass. This year I've grown a mixture of small 'Gardener's Delight', medium sized 'Alicante' and large beefsteak. They all taste good!


  1. My heart is heavy with all this nothingness.
    Goes to show, the majority of folks are decent hard working souls, with manners and respect for other people's lives and livelyhoods.
    Good on 'em.
    Lovely tomatoes !

  2. I have been thinking of all of my friends in and around London. My heart is heavy. Your flowers are a great representation of those wanting to repair and build up instead of break down. My thoughts remain with those affected by the destruction.

    The tomatoes are fabulous! Hugs! Bonnie

  3. We have been very saddened by the events of the past three nights, and keep asking ourselves what has gone wrong with our society. We must, however, keep things in perspective and remember that the majority of people work hard, and are responsible.

  4. I love that we all turn to our garden in times of trouble.

    May all be peaceful tonight.

    xo jane

  5. Your white flowers are so peaceful...
    The news seems to be full of turmoil and I like you, have hidden away today weeding and deadheading the roses...the only scare I got was when a very large raccoon decided to run through my garden in broad daylight...and all I had to protect myself were my Felco secatuers!

    Sweet dreams.

  6. I like the idea of the white flowers. It is easy up here in the sticks to bury one's head in the sand about the whole riots thing. I did live in Wolverhampton before I came up here - I am sure it would have been very different if I still lived there. It was certainly morale boosting to find that over a million people had signed up to some facebook 'peace' page and to see all those people with brooms ready to sweep the streets. Last night things did appear to be slightly quieter.

  7. Dear All, Thank you for your contact and thoughtful words, which, along with the tomatoes, is very lifting for the spirits! I'm glad to learn that the Hostess has a really good brand of secateurs for her defense! And Weaver, what do you mean by, "here in the sticks?" You are speaking of my home territory!

  8. I have been away for a week and made a point not to listen to any news as I needed to get away from it all for awhile. I will have to review some of the happenings though this week although I know it will bring me quite a bit of anxiety. Like you, I go to my gardens to find some relief.

    So many of us all over are disenchanted with the society we find ourselves in today. Reasonableness never seems to find a place, but selfishness and greed seem to run rampant.