Thursday 18 August 2011

Never ending

The rain is never ending. I keep looking out of the window to see if there is a glimmer of hope.

No chance of a ball game, thinks Maisie.

Can a dog have too many toys?
Answer: No.
Can a woman have too much rain?
Answer: Yes.
The sun is out for five minutes. A quick dash  to cut some sweet peas, (rain splashes on the lens.)

 Maisie helps.
Gather a basket of plums

before the rain comes.
I bring  some weather-battered flowers into the house. They have a decidedly autumnal look.

See the expression on the chess set queen? That's how I feel!


  1. My garden in Birmingham desperately needs some rain. Although it was forecast for today nothing has happened.

  2. Love the basket of plums! All of the colors are beautiful. Gill and I are on the same page...I would gladly dodge raindrops. But, I also understand when you have had enough.

  3. We had so much rain the sweet peas did poorly and you can count our plums on one hand. But we are now having glorious sunny weather for a change.

  4. We could use some rain but I love this I am hand watering my garden wearing my sunhat!

    My goodness those are some great looking plums!
    I love a plum tarte or simply remove the pits and grill them on the BBQ, great with a dollop of ice cream.
    I'm hungry. Can you tell?

  5. I will trade you sun for rain. The plums are wonderful.

  6. One more off of sun for rain....just one day of rain though. K?

    Ok two days and some of those plums.

    xo Jane

  7. It is just the same here - hardly a day without rain - poor hangdog roses, droopy sweet peas, and I am having to run the gauntlet of wasps with the plums. Carrick's stall this morning was like a wasps' nest!

  8. Dear Gill, you're in Birmingham and you need some rain?!*** I must be getting your share!
    Dear Bonnie, Yes, I've certainly had enough, but today at least it was dry.
    Dear Doc, I'm awash with both rain and sweet peas, but other crops have given up the ghost with this summer.
    Dear Hostess, I can just picture you! Hope you get just enough rainfall to keep both you and your garden content.
    Olive and flwjane, thank you, both, it's been a dry day today, the swaps seem to have worked! I'd love to have you nearby, I'd be round with a bucket of plums.
    Dear Weaver, Oh, commiserations. It's not much of a summer.