Wednesday 24 August 2011

In a pickle.

Some crops really take a toll on my fingers. This morning I harvested some of the hot chilli peppers, 'F1 Cheyenne'. I should have worn gloves. My fingertips burned , my eyes streamed, the fumes kept catching my throat. I couldn't get those little brutes de-seeded and put in a jar of oil quickly enough!
There are plenty more still growing. Any suggestions?
I'm still stoning plums and the fruit acid isn't doing my thumbs any favours either. But aren't these 'Victoria's' glorious?

And when they've come out of the oven fifteen minutes later, having been baked with a sprinkling of demerara sugar, they are even better!

The autumn raspberries are shaping up well, just a steady picking of fruit each day.

The freezer is filling up as I squirrel things away for the year ahead.


  1. Ah, Victoria Plums - to my mind, the best seasonal English fruit by far. Sad to see that your knife was not a Sabatier, but a cheap copy like mine, Cher. I had expected more of you...

  2. Could you just string those peppers and allow them to dry?

  3. The plums are absolutely beautiful. Peppers...oh they have had their way with me more than once. Once the juice gets into the pores nothing stops the burning. I am so sorry! Bonnie

  4. Don't rub your eyes!!

    xo Jane

  5. The chilli peppers are a glorious colour. Our plum trees are laden to the ground and one large branch has broken off with the extra weight. I have never baked plums before, will give it a try.

  6. Isn't it a lovely satisfying feeling to fill freezer and store cupboard with things from the garden? I made a huge batch of chutney yesterday - twelve jars - so shall need to give some away.
    Gerry (Potter's House, Penketh on my side bar) has an interesting recipe for tomato and chilli jam I intend to make when I find some more jars.

  7. Tom, "cheap copy...expected more..." Labels are not everything! Mine have all the necessary requisites; good balance in the hand, high carbon steel running right through the riveted handle. The main thing is that I keep them sharp, giving them a short session with the steel before I return them to the block. We had to make our own tools in the forge for the sculpture class at college, which left me with a healthy respect for keeping them in good nick - something you'll know all about. I'm sure there are many blunt Sabatiers languishing in kitchens up and down the country - the name alone will not cut the mustard!

    Dear Olive, yes, I'll do just that!

    Sorry to hear that you've suffered the same fate, Bonnie. I got to work with my gardeners' soap, containing pumice, but my fingertips still tingled for quite a while!

    Dear flwrjane, I didn't!

    I have been hunting for new things to do with plums, Rosemary and am going to give Cafe Sperl's plum squares recipe a go as it uses 675g of fruit. I'll post it if it's a success!

    Dear Weaver, Save a jar for me! I'll swap you with a jar of the redcurrant jelly that I've just made.

  8. I have just baked some plums and they look delicious. I like the way they keep their shape and the flavour is more concentrated - thanks for the tip.

  9. I just use single use surgical gloves when working with peppers.

  10. Sorry for a dumb question, but what is "demerara sugar"???
    The plums look declicious and I'm going to try it so have to know if there's something special in sugar? I know our plums are totally different but they will like it anyway :)

  11. If I may be permitted to answer Bozena Wojtaszek - it is simply a large grain unrefined sugar with a distinct golden colour.