Saturday 8 January 2011

Still in bed

It's a new year and I've started a new blog,
'My Life in One Hundred Objects'. I intend to post an object each week and the first posting is about the bed that I was born in.

I'm walking past this carving on the landing every few hours at the moment because Himself is still in bed with flu. I'm up and down the stairs like Florence Nightingale with soup and hot drinks. Five days in bed does not a happy man make!  

I got quite jumpy this evening and phoned the out of hours medical line for advice. No one came out for a house visit as they once used to do, but someone on the other end of the line was very reassuring and calmed us both down!

'Night Nurse'

There are a number of carvings in the house that feature one or other, or indeed both, of us in bed. They are all biographical and feature the old farmhouse that we used to live in when the children were growing up. The carvings vary greatly in size, some, as on the landing, are large, and others, like the 'Night Nurse' very small and intimate.

I hope he will be better soon - it's a bit lonely in a bed on my own.


  1. There is a series of small paintings about a local Saint in Marburg Cathedral, which these lovely carvings remind me of. The female Saint (forgotten the name) was persecuted for sleeping with a local tramp to warm him up, and this tramp turned out to be Jesus in disguise. What a charming artist Himself is, and I hope he gets better soon.

  2. H.I. has just looked and said they look like the Carpaccio paintings of St. Ursula.

  3. Beautiful carvings. I love that they tell a story of your life together. Heres hoping he recoups soon.

  4. hi rosemary,

    sorry to hear that himself is still ill. send him my best. also, how interesting your wood carvings. is this something common in english homes? i've never heard of this before. i'm looking forward to your object of the week.


  5. Hi rosemary. I am across the road should you need me at any time. Wishing himself a speedy recovery.

  6. Dear Rosemary,
    Of course you know that I'm a big admirer of those carvings so you better take a good care of HIM :)
    What a talented couple you both are, that's awesome!

  7. The patient is improving, thank you all for your good wishes. (Have not told him of being likened to Carpaccio,Tom, as I'm trying to keep his temperature down.)
    Thank you Kim for bringing the Sunday papers, you are the perfect neighbour, and so, of course, is Andy.